The Antigone PoemsThe Antigone Poems

‘ ...This is ART you cannot buy or sell. It is the flaming center of the volcano that makes us create...’

Grace Cavalieri The Washington Independent Review of Books

‘...serious, intelligent, one of a kind, and gorgeous. It is a major find, a supplement to our interpretation of the Sophoclean play as much as is Anne Carson’s Antigonick and more unified... I cannot recommend this book highly enough.’

Kelly Cherry, Blue Fifth Review

'Rich in allegory and metaphor...a beautifully bound, impressive collection with language as evocative as its illustrations.'

Kirkus Reviews

‘...The poems are earthy as well, like Lacryma Christi, the wine made from grapes grown on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius. You can taste the ash, the death brought on from previous eruptions...’

The Rumpus

'The book itself is an exquisite artefact – something to keep and re-read. Though the poetry isn’t pleasant, it’s powerful, evocative and uncovers a universal vein of anguish that will resonate with all readers.'

Maggie Ball, Compulsive Reader